Flock Subscription Information

FLOCK PASS Pricing and INfo

A Flock Pass offers a combination of additions for one subscription price. Flock Passes include:

  • Vehicle unlocks
  • Riding time
  • Vehicle reservations

There are two types of Flock Passes:

  • Monthly Pass: Unlimited unlocks and rides. Ride time is capped at 30 minutes per day. You will see the terms of the Monthly Pass prior to purchasing.
    • Pass pricing is $40.00
  • Yearly Pass: unlimited unlocks, rides, and reservations over a yearly period. Subscriptions renew each month. Included riding time is capped at 30 minutes per day.
    • Yearly pricing is $300.00


University of Texas at Arlington’s MAVERICK PASSES

University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s SPARTAN PASSES

NC A&T State University AGGIE PASSES


Flock Pass terms:

  • Rides that last beyond the included time per ride are charged the normal rate. 
  • Flock Passes cover Blue Duck scooters and bikes.
  • Flock Passes cover rides that start after the pass purchase. Rides that start before purchase may not be covered.
  • Valid area: Passes are good in the market of purchase. Yearly  passes are good across the country of purchase (where Blue Duck operates).

To see what Flock Pass options are available to you:

  1. Open the app 
  2. Click Flock Passeson the side menu
  3. Review the options and related terms and conditions 
  4. Follow the in-app prompts to buy the pass you want

The pass will be activated at the time of purchase. 

The cost and additions of Flock Passes vary on a market-by-market basis and can be viewed in the Blue Duck app prior to purchase.



Can I renew a Flock Pass? 

Both passes automatically renew each month unless cancelled.  


Flock Pass Terms and Conditions

Each Flock Pass:

  • is meant solely for individual use. All Flock Pass services are specific to the person who signed up for it and cannot be transferred or shared. 
  • can be used only within the area it was originally purchased in your app. 
  • cannot be used for any commercial purposes
  • cannot be combined with any other programs such as Blue Duck Access

Blue Duck monitors Flock Pass usage and reserves the right to revoke, suspend or otherwise block any pass at any time, with or without notice, prejudice, and/or refund, for any reason, including, without limitation, suspicious behavior and violating the terms and conditions for Flock Pass stated above.