Travis Vanderzanden, CEO of Bird
Toby Sun, CEO of LimeBike
Dai Wei, CEO of OFO
Davis Wang, CEO of Mobike
Ryan Rzepecki, CEO of Jump

Dear Travis, Toby, Dai Wei, Davis and Ryan:

Blue Duck Scooters was very pleased to see the public statement by Bird/Travis regarding responsible growth in the shared electric scooter space. Clearly, there is too much at stake to allow irresponsible operators to “go rogue,” and end up trashing our community’s streets.

To that, we’d note: Team Blue Duck has long committed to working responsibly with all parties in rolling out its scooter program. We also believe strongly in bike and alternative transport lanes for urban and university communities and are committed to help with their rapid development.

The tenets outlined in your statement mirror that which Blue Duck Scooters intends to follow during launch in its home city, San Antonio, and other locales. But we’ve added important elements to our pledge.

We vow to provide an exceptional user experience. That’s why people ride Ducks in the first place: The experience.

We vow to never get so bogged down in operating the business of Blue Duck Scooters that we forget how fun it is to Fly Wild and Ride Free. Users should enjoy every aspect of their trip from the reservation to unlocking their Duck, to riding and then releasing back to the wild.

But that fun will never come at the expense of public safety and laws. We vow to work with local law enforcement to ensure the safe and lawful operation of Blue Duck Scooters. Not only that, we’ll be on patrol to make sure our Ducks are never left in a place that could be a risk to public safety. We vow a quick response to any calls for Duck retrieval and will respect personal property in all our recovery efforts. And, we’ll promptly supply any member of the Blue Duck Flock with a helmet, regardless of state and local regulation, upon request.

Our riders and residents deserve the very best, most fun, and responsible encounters with Blue Duck Scooters. Finally, no matter what, we always pledge to provide them with this experience.

Yours sincerely,

Eric Bell