Blue Duck Launches New Flock in Durham, NC

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Company expands its micromobility operations in North Carolina

Durham, NC— Blue Duck, a San Antonio-based micromobility company providing e-scooters and ebikes

to communities across Texas and the Southeastern U.S., has been awarded a permit to operate

a fleet of shared electric scooters in the City of Durham, North Carolina.

“This is an important launch for us as we expand into the State of North Carolina,” said Jen Holbrook,

Blue Duck’s Director of Marketing and Communications. “We look forward to offering the residents,

students, and visitors of Durham an alternative transportation/last mile transportation option. We have

enjoyed working with the City so far and are excited to fully implement his new partnership.”

Blue Duck is analyzing the local area and monitoring ride patterns to find the best places to deploy the

“flock” of bright blue scooters. The team will rebalance and move scooters in and out of operation for

maintenance and charging.

Initially operating in areas of downtown, Blue Duck’s scooters will be available to rent 24 hours a day,

seven days a week. Riders can download the Blue Duck app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play

and use their mobile phones to locate and unlock scooters. Each Blue Duck scooter is equipped with

GPS technology which allows for Blue Duck’s micromobility technology partner Vulog, to gain

ridership data and geo-fence areas around Durham to prevent scooters from being operated or parked

in prohibited zones.

Michael Shannon, Regional Operations Manager said, “Blue Duck has implemented enhanced

cleaning protocols that comply with CDC guidelines to protect the health and safety of our riders. We

encourage everyone to follow all safety information and wear a helmet.”


About Blue Duck
Blue Duck is a shared micromobility company operating electric scooters and e-bikes in Texas , Florida, North
Carolina, and South Carolina. Blue Duck will be expanding into 5 new markets and states in the next 4 months.
We provide clean-tech, last-mile transportation solutions for cities, universities, and corporations.
Our civic-minded approach — Micromobility, Southern Style™ — sets us apart from our competitors. Blue Duck
invests in updated assets and technology. We utilize local operations centers and hire employees – rather than
using contractors – to deploy, collect, maintain, and charge our flock of scooters and bikes .. For more information,