BDS Pilots Extended in Two Cities

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Blue Duck Pilots in Laredo and El Paso Extended

Laredo Extends Additional Six Months; El Paso Extends Additional 12 Months

SAN ANTONIO, 13 JANUARY 2020 — Blue Duck, a Texas-based electric scooter operator with fleets in cities across South and West Texas, the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and Bryan, Texas, near the Texas A&M campus, announces that Laredo and El Paso, two cities it serves, have extended their pilot programs.

Laredo and El Paso’s city councils have passed extensions of their respective pilot programs, featuring Blue Duck scooters. Laredo extended its six-month program by six months; El Paso extended its twelve-month pilot for another year. The extensions will allow each city to continue outreach efforts and collect more data to inform planning and regulatory efforts for longer-term micromobility programs.

“Like many other cities, Laredo and El Paso both have plans calling for the development of alternative means of transportation to solve the last-mile issue, and reduce traffic congestion with eco-friendly options,” said Blue Duck’s Senior Director of Government Partnerships, Megan McNamara. “Using scooters for short trips around town or to get to and from work or the bus stop can have a real impact in reducing automotive traffic and emissions in the city,” she added.

Blue Duck operates its fleets in Laredo and El Paso seven days a week. Users can locate scooters and unlock them using the Blue Duck app, which they can download for free from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. The company also offers three access programs to make scooters accessible to low-income residents, students, and veterans and active duty service members. Information on these programs is available on the company website at

About Blue Duck Scooters

Blue Duck Scooters is an electric scooter operator focused on Texas and the Southeastern United States. Blue Duck’s focus on Micromobility, Southern-style™ begins by working closely with cities, universities, and corporate campuses to design cleantech, last-mile transportation solutions tailored to their specific needs. Blue Duck then invests in superior micromobility assets and hires employees rather than using contractors to deploy, collect and charge its scooters. This approach sets it apart from other scooter operators. For more information, visit the Blue Duck website at