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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, August 20, 2019 — Blue Duck is proud to announce it has ordered its next generation of scooters from ACTON, a San Francisco Bay area-based innovative tech company offering MaaS (Mobility as a Service) solution packages. The company is adding 2,200 ACTON M Pro Electric Scooters to its fleet in the coming weeks.

Photo of ACTON M-Pro electric scooter
ACTON M-Pro electric scooter

Blue Duck Chief Innovation Officer Andre Champagne said, “The new Blue Duck is an incredible advancement in the evolution of the e-scooter commercial-grade fleet asset. The M Pro’s transformational front fork suspension, wider deck, low center of gravity and intuitive two-stage braking will offer the rider a smoother, more stable ride in unpredictable urban streetscapes.” With a 575 watt engine and a 37% larger battery, the new scooters will have a range of more than 30 miles.

“The ACTON M Pro is a significant upgrade to the urban e-scooter experience,” said Blue Duck CEO Eric Bell. “Riders will enjoy greater safety and increased confidence on our new ducks,” he added.

Mr. Bell said that Blue Duck has been working with ACTON for more than eight months, “and they consistently go the extra mile to provide the best solutions in the business and best possible customer experience. They deliver on time and help us with deployment of large fleets to make sure the vehicles hit the streets without a hitch.”


Blue Duck Scooters is a San Antonio-based company with fleets of electric scooters in several cities in Texas and Florida. More information and links to their apps can be found on their website at

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